AAA 472: YouTube Music in the Spotlight

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@wade_county: arena through week 18: raygun01 46 Flo 45 ronxo 40 guests 36

Anyone bit the bullet and migrated their libraries to Youtube Music yet?

I would if I could. Still haven’t received the prompt to do so. :frowning:

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I think YouTube music is doomed to fail. Why?.. There is a total lack of music lovers at the top of the organization. Apple had Steve Jobs as a avid music lover and drove the bus to total success. The founders couldn’t care less.

Well, I’m still not convinced. I haven’t migrated anything over yet. but just looking at YouTube Music, I’m already concerned. In YouTube music, it has a playlist of music from “liked” videos on YouTube. This is unacceptable. To me, videos and music are completely separate things. I don’t want ANY influence in my music or suggestions as a result of videos. I might look at a video for some reason, like the OK Go videos that are cool productions, but I don’t ever want them in a playlist that I’m listening to.

That’s the basis of my concern. I don’t want anything at all related to videos in any way to influence anything about my music. Full stop.


I I found a bug in the Youtube Music app on IPad os running on my 2020 IPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. I wanted to send this information to Google. I know you had the guy that is the head of Youtube Music on the show. Do you know a way I can send a bug report? I also tried the back door method by send a message to Support from my Pixel 4XL to see if I get a response.

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You can send feedback for YouTube Music right in the app. Tap your profile pic at upper right, then Help & Feedback, then Send Feedback.

It looks like this YTM train is going full speed ahead and cannot be stopped. I think I’ll stick with GPM until I can’t.

I tried YTM then gave it up during trial period. I’m sure there will be improvements. Don’t know how many free trials I could get while they get their ship together.
Its Amazon for me until they do.

There’s not even an Android TV app for Youtube Music, but you can still access your subscription through Google Play Music. Shows how much they care about either platform. I only have access because I have Youtube Premium, but I still prefer to buy 1 album per month and listen with Plex.

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Google created a total mess with messaging. Now music is next!