AAA 461: Dumbing Down of Android

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@ant_pruitt It’s unfortunate you had to switch to Spotify in fear of losing everything. I think Google did a horrible job communicating the plan, but in terms of actual work, I think it’s been a different story.

They have kept to their word in terms of keeping GPM up and running until they have reached feature parity so far, and YTM has been steadily improving. The problem is that they announced the “migration” way way too early, and a lot of people tried YTM back when it was still in early development, and ruled it out ever since.

I think YTM has come a long way since then and is still regularly improving. If they do deliver on the GPM migration with all my data (songs, playlists, likes) intact, I’ll be happy. I love the dark theme, the album view makes much more sense, and ever since they added the 3 weekly playlists (new releases, discovery, for you), I’ve been finding all kinds of new music too.

It may be too late now, but I think people who haven’t tried it since last year should give it change once all the GPM -> YTM stuff is over.


I haven’t even looked at YTM yet. I am of the same opinion as Duncan; I’m not quitting GPM until its dead and then I’ll find a new place…starting with YTM

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I don’t mind YouTube Music, but the most annoying thing is when I add an artist to the library, the artist is also added as a channel subscription in YouTube. When a new album drops, all the individual tracks appear in my YouTube subscription feed. Would be much nicer if it adds to a “music subscription” feed instead of my main subscription feed.


That’s great that it’s actually improving. It was pretty craptastic. Also, the recommendation engine was horrible. Spotify was a an easy transition, fortunately. THANKS for watching and this feedback :fist_right:t5::tumbler_glass:

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Hey Ant,
I had to finally choose something not GPM. I ended up with YTM but not because YTM was better than other options. I was actually looking for a different service before my wife and I decided to invest in YouTube Premium for the family which conveniently includes YTM.

After having the subscription for awhile now I’ve decided the pros are pretty significant. The Google Maps integration is really nice and the mixes are not great but not terrible either. I still buy albums occasionally, but have not since I got the subscription and am worried I won’t be able to include new albums into this library.

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