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Regarding the spatial sound in Apple Music, I thought it was just marketing hype, but I got a pair of AirPods Pro and I tried it out, the results were mixed, a lot of stuff is just remixed and just pushed the stage out in front of the listener, which is actually quite effective.

But some tracks, like Billie Eilish‘s latest album, make better use of it. It centres the Play-back on the device, which means, if you turn away from the device, the sound stage stays on the device, so it really feels like you are turning away from the stage, the same when moving away from the device, technically very impressive, but probably not that practical, if you are doing house work and have the phone laying on a worktop somewhere.

You can also visualise how the instruments and singer are spread across the stage or even behind you.

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I’m still confused why Apple advertise their headphones as being capable of ‘spatial sound’.

It’s just binaural audio, any headphones are capable of doing it. Yes they add head tracking, but as you say, this is pretty pointless for music when the phone is in your back pocket or on the table somewhere.

Or am I mistaken and the headphones themselves are taking a stereo source and creating ‘fake’ spatial using software? Don’t think so, 'cos they advertise spatial tracks on Apple Music.

They are creating a spatial effect, like gaming or film headphones that offer Dolby Surround effects, I would say. You certainly don’t get the same effect with normal headphones on an iPhone, I have a pair of high end Sony‘s and Samsung Galaxy Buds + and you don’t get the same effect, when listening to the music, there is a world of difference.

I’m guessing they use software and additional drivers to direct the sound to trick the ear into thinking it is coming from different directions. However they achieve it, it is very impressive, I’d put it up there with the first time in went into an electronics shop and had a demo of Dolby Surround Sound in a Test room. I think, for watching films on an iPhone or iPad, it would be great, but I listen to music on the move and the effect gets lost or is distracting, and I have a home cinema setup for film anyway, so wouldn’t watch film on such a small screen.

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Thinking back to antenna gate and how “you’re not holding it right”:

You’re not ‘not holding it’ right. :wink:

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Hmmm not convinced. There’s a setting in Apple Music I think to force spatial on if you don’t have Apple headphones. Their headphones toggle this setting on/off automatically.

The rubber ducky USB key is a recognised, legitimate part of pentesting. Criminals leave prepared USB sticks in the car park and pen testers do the same, the same as they use phishing emails, with the knowledge and permission of the customer‘s liaison.

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00:00:00 Pre-roll ads & overview
00:01:32 Introduction to show & guests
00:03:50 Android 13 availability for Pixel handsets
00:04:20 Android 13 changelog
00:04:52 No going back to Android 12 from 13
00:05:20 Look at Android 13 changes
(00:06:28 Tim Cook troll)
00:12:19 Spatial Audio
00:16:40 Screen resolution settings & tablets
00:17:57 Pixel 7 & 7 Pro pass through FCC
00:19:40 Explanation behind no-rollback from 13
00:30:30 EV tax credits
00:40:00 Residential tax breaks for upgrades, new IRS agents & medication etc.
00:46:24 Mattress Mack
(00:51:50 end of Better Call Saul)
00:52:58 Secureworks ad
00:58:37 Nielsen ratings for Football on Amazon and general ratings discussion
01:12:37 Meta adds E2E encryption to Messenger by default
01:16:43 pre-ad general discussion
01:16:55 NOMAD Ad
01:21:08 Rubber Ducky USB pentest tool
01:26:10 Jailbreak for John Deere tractors
01:33:25 Chokepoint Capitalism - Rebecca Giblin & Corey Doctorow
01:34:00 Hearing aids over the counter
01:41:33 Oracle auditing TikTok algorithms
01:45:30 Twillio hack of Signal SMS authentication records
01:48:25 Adam Neumann gets new backing (precursor discussion of We Crashed)
01:53:22 Ringtone interpretive dance
01:54:56 Kindergarten teacher talks to politician
01:56:22 Music Street
01:57:30 Quiet Quitting
01:58:10 Google Change Log

  • Official Android 13 statue
  • Google Photos Archive now named “hidden”
  • Google Chrome one-click default browser in Windows 11.
  • (Twillio attack (Signal SMS authentication) was aimed at reporters)
  • Google Meet shows how noisy your office is
  • Google killing Google Cloud IoT Core

02:06:28 Picks of the week
02:06:30 Stacey’s Pick - Mimi Health hearing test
02:11:20 Australian Court say Google is not a publisher
02:11:55 Jeff’s Pick - Boox
02:13:00 Jeff should I vote for Twitter sale?
02:14:25 Jeff’s history of media in 45 minutes
02:18:23 Ant’s pick - Clemson wallpaper settings in Android 13
02:19:30 Lisa Carney & Photoshop World
02:20:20 Post-show roundup & outro


Yay!!! Thanks so much!