AAA 440: Finger Play

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The “finger play” joke… and the ending where Ron and Flo realized they’re linked by a broken link :smiley: That Ron and Flo thing needs to make it to the year end best of, I think :slight_smile:

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Yeah the end of the episode is one of my favorite moments of the year so far. That is just so bizarre that they were in the same place at the same time of the same day and played the same damn pinball machine… and never once saw each other (in LA of all places… Flo lives in the Bay, Ron in NY) Their stories always intermingle like this, it’s just bizarre yet unsurprising at this point!


I’ve put the new Pixel Themes on my Pixel 3A, but when I try to make a theme with a different accent color, it won’t save. And when I click the Compass live wallpaper, I get an error about the app crashing. :unamused: Well, at least it doesn’t seem to have broken my phone. Hopefully an update will come along to fix this.

The ending with Ron and Flo’s story was awesome. I predict someone will bring an app to the Arena next week that alerts you when people in your friends list are within shouting distance. :rofl:


I hope Essential is working on a tablet. I want more options in the android tablet space that can compete with Samsung.

The issue with any Android tablet is the overall lack of appropriate software. I mean when Google isn’t even really making a tablet, that makes it pretty clear how there can’t be much interest from users… and I feel there would be more interest from users if there was more software to justify the form factor. (Yes I do realize it’s a catch-22, can’t sell the form factor without the apps, can’t get the apps without a large enough installed base.) It’s the same problem with Android watches.

Yeah I think that’s about as far as anyone is getting the the Themes app at this point. It is working only enough to show HOW it will work, but I don’t believe it can effectively theme anything at this stage. Have to wait for the real deal!


I am still laughing about the ships passing in the night ending with Flo and Ron. Only thing funnier would be them actually realizing at the time.

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I am a pure Android fanboy and have refused to give apple money but the lack of a decent Android tablet is really making me lean toward purchasing an Ipad.

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Agreed. I still love my Huawei Mediapad M3 (still has the Play Store), but I wanted a tablet for drawing, so I got an iPad Pro. But for my entertainment stuff, I really want more storage than what’s in the Mediapad. So I’ll be taking a hard look at Microsoft’s Neo if that actually becomes a product.

Pretty much. Even considering an iPhone because of battery life. Though, the Surface Pro X is intriguing. Waiting for performance and app support (namely Adobe CC). Though, I really want the 10" form factor.