Amazon being Amazon, or, imagine if local grocery stores randomly marked up food 400%

I think it’s kind of criminal the way Amazon operates… You can’t trust their prices to be reasonable at all (at least not on Also, what’s up with 1990’s style banner ads?

I already dislike the panda look of the PS4 enough to hold off until other colour options are available, but I really don’t think reputable retailers, like Amazon wants to be, should allow these kind of rip-off markups on their stores. Save that for disreputable places like EBay.

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I often use this site that tracks Amazon products historic pricing. So you know if the current price is high/low. Great for supposed sales as you can see if the price is actually a good price.

In the UK the electronics store called Maplin would suddenly double the price of things for weeks then halve the price for weeks. I never felt comfortable buying anything as I did not know if I was in the high or low phase without checking prices elsewhere first. One day the eneloops I would buy there were £9.99 next time I went in they would be £19.99. So I just ended up buying from somewhere else with more consistent pricing. They went bust in the end. I miss them as it was a great place for me to spend time browsing as the wife looked at curtains etc in the other stores hehehe.

On ebay too like you say you can have insane prices for things. I do not know if it’s a bit like spam email and if a enough people look may be one will buy or if it is some form of money laundering. :thinking:


+1 for camelcamelcamel

Here’s the output from camelcamelcamel… just proving how much fun price r*ping is on Amazon right now for the PS5:

$2300 LOL

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Crazy prices…

In the UK the PS5 was released on the 19 Nov. We had cages and cages of them at the Amazon warehouse where I work. They were all kept separate from the normal parcels due to being a high value item. They were also delivered separately from the normal delivery waves too. The delivery vans that took the PS5’s only took PS5’s.

PS5’s aren’t that expensive compared to other items passing through the warehouse so I guess it was more to do with theft and being damaged. So I presume the drivers that picked up the PS5’s were the most trusted, careful and reliable. I did not get round to asking why they were handled differently so this is just me theorizing. It could also be that Amazon distributed them for a company and they arranged a different distribution/delivery strategy etc.

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