Whole Foods Delivery

Whole Foods is finally delivering to my area! I got the delivery yesterday, and it’s way better than Instacart is. Instacart adds a markup to every single item, and pay their workers so little that they depend on tips. Whole Foods marked up nothing, and pay their workers well. I could watch my driver on a map, and I was the third stop, so I don’t feel compelled to leave a big tip because I’m 25 minutes away.

I missed Whole Foods during this pandemic. Their meat, vegetables, fish, and chocolate are healthier and more humane. I had a delicious steak last night for the first time in months. I’ve been watching for this for a long time. I wonder if this is a new major expansion, or if they’re just gradually expanding their services. Anyway, I’m experiencing a warm fuzzy feeling for Amazon right now.

I would temper your fuzzies with a suggestion to take a moment of reflection for all those poor workers working at minimum pay at jobs they can’t afford to lose and thus their employers taking advantage of them, especially now as holiday shopping will increase the work load.

My local grocery chain, local in Texas, has been delivering to my residence since the end of March. It is fantastic. I think I have done about 45 deliveries…


I’ve been getting grocery deliveries from here every couple of weeks, and I love it. :heart_eyes: