A listener disagrees with Johnny Jet's concern over covid

I like to start this off by saying I 100% believe in vaccines. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated and boosted against COVID. I also encourage everyone to get every additional vaccine recommended by the FDA.

I assume Johnny Jet and Leo are fully vaccinated and boosted and the following comments are in line with that caveat.

The level of concern regarding COVID on this show is way too much. It is extremely unlikely to get a serious case is COVID after you are vaccinated. I had it, it was not even close to a bad cold. I was always taught that getting mildly Ill on occasion is a fact of life. When did this become something we have to avoid at all costs?

The issue is COVID is never going away, ever. So we have to learn to live with it. Having a policy of “only meeting people outside” is frankly way too careful. Johnny: you should ask yourself, when will you move on? Because there is never going to be an “all clear siren.” Folks like you are avoiding restaurants, large events, shows are hurting the country’s recovery.

You should not be surprised at that less than 5-10% are wearing masks. Because the vast majority of people understand what I just said and have moved on.

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I do agree. But, Jonny had just flown cross country, has kids too young for vaccination, and an elderly father who is now hospitalized for the third time due to Covid. He’s right for wanting to be careful.
I do agree that we are at the point where we need to deal with it. I cruised in April. The crew all wore masks. Some of the passengers did as well. No one said hey or ney to them. If wearing a mask makes you feel comfortable, then go for it.

I have to fly in a couple of weeks. I’ll probably wear a mask while on the plane (probably because my wife will make me :slight_smile: ) But I’m at the point, personally, where its time to move on.

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Being careful around his elderly father is fine. But he said he “only meets people outside” with everyone and avoids indoor dining. That stance is way too cautious and is hurting our small businesses for no reason.

Also kids are at very low risk from COVID. They have a much better chance of tragically dying for choking, car accidents, etc than COVID. That is one of the reasons why the vaccine rate among kids under 11 is so low (again I think everyone should get the vaccine).

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Everyone is free to find their own comfort level, and they don’t need any lectures from anyone about it. The vaccines do work, but we don’t yet know how long they last, or if they confer a longer term immunity. You might note the flu vaccine is given every season because it is only effective for one season do to prevalent form of the virus constantly changing. Covid is related to the flu, so it could be the case that there will be similarities and only time will lead to us learning the correct approach.

There are also studies like this, which unfortunately don’t mention vaccination, so it’s unclear if the results include vaccinated people or not:

In any case, please refrain from providing medical advice and leave that to the experts and let people come to their own level of personal acceptance of the endemic nature of covid.