TTG 1825 for Saturday 4 September 2021

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That “1 in 5000 per day” does not take into account people who are non-vaccinated, like young children. Also it is 365.25 * 0.0002 or 7.305% chance in a year. That’s not nothing, and someone who has someone in their lives, like little children (Johnny) or someone who would meet a lot of people (like Leo if he didn’t close down visitors), would be right to be concerned.

@JerseyShore4 we get it that you don’t care about this risk. You are not everyone, and your opinion is not applicable for anyone but you. Stop with the shaming of others who don’t see things the same way you do. I do agree with the advice to get vaccinated, it’s good advice, but leave the rest for someplace else.


I don’t have an enormous social circle, but five people I know were fully vaccinated but have got what seem to be breakthrough infections. In every case they suffered from total exhaustion, brain fog and the feeling of being very seriously ill for about a week, taking some further time to get back to normal functioning. Two of them tested consistently negative throughout, but it’s difficult to think what else could cause those symptoms. One was under 35 and a fitness enthusiast, so I’m not taking my safety for granted.

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Please knock off the vaccine posts in here. Our official position is:

  1. Ask your doctor. If you can get the vaccine, get it.

  2. Wear a mask whenever you’re in the presence of others.

  3. Continue to social distance and follow practices recommended by the CDC. Covid is flaring up and we all need to act to protect the people around us.

If you have anything else to say take it to Reddit or you will be kicked out of the forums. Thank you.

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