TTG 1823 for Saturday 28 August 2021

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I had a thought that the lady with the “you’re infected” pop-ups might simply have a notification “subscription” happening via JS/Web notifications. (That would explain how Edge can pop them up as a tray notification.) I never liked that feature of recent web browsers and I always disable it.


Getting vaccinated feels great. But, do you know what feels even better? Convincing someone else who was on the fence to get the vaccine.

I have convinced several people to get vaccinated by following these steps:

  1. Asking the unvaccinated person what their concerns are.
  2. Presenting them with evidence that refutes their claims
  3. Accepting their political beliefs as something they have a right to believe and focusing on the cost/benefit of their analysis of the actual vaccine.
  4. Do not every imply they are “stupid” or “uneducated” for not taking the vaccine. Most people in the unvaccinated group do not trust government and/or believe people on he coast are arrogant snobs. Its important not to confirm these preconceptions.
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I have clients receiving those notifications from Google Chrome. I’ve walked them through going to the notification section in Chrom and removing unnecessary sites from the Allowed Notifications.

Listening to Saturday’s ep, around 1:15, you were unsure of the California notifications. A buddy I was near for a few hours tested positive a couple of days later. He posted his notification, and (for the first time!) I got a notification.

As a read on transmissibility, there were 10 of us fairly close, and interacting for about 3 hours. All vaccinated, with a variety of vaccines. 4 positive within a few days, with minor symptoms (flu-like/bad cold) The rest negative. We were … casual with masks, eating and drinking. There were others around, so we really have no idea what the source was.

Next time, we’ll be more stringent with masking.


Leo, I don’t understand why one should have less privacy on one’s work PC, than on one’s work phone. I know that is how it’s been poorly handled by the courts, but it can be legislated. I like that you’re suggesting they should voluntarily disclose computer monitoring, but why not also suggest that, like one’s office phone, legislators should see to it that they have no legal right to monitor one’s office computer.

Employers don’t need to invade employee’s privacy, they can simply monitor their productivity.

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Playing devil’s advocate: That’s one side of the thinking, the employer frequently has a very different one. Remember the days when you go into an office or factory, they own the building and have to pay insurance on it (and the employees.) To aid with preventing accidents and investigating them, as well as meeting safety regulations and other rules, they’d gladly record your every move if they could. It’s not good for employee relations, but it is a business after all, and whatever they choose to do is tied to money (the monitoring is not free either,) so if they do it, they do it with full awareness of costs and benefits.

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So, a few years ago, I had a “conversation” with @Leo after he brought up the idea of possibly starting a TWIT community. That conversation started with an “aha” moment as I walked and listened to a Triangulation episode about online communities.
Well, Tom’s call and Leo’s answer about contact tracing apps was another “aha” moment. Good on you Leo, for saying what some of us want to say. For some of us, COVID poses a risk that could result in death. I would think at least one or two of the 640K folks in US who never got a chance to weigh in on this subject might agree with Leo. Short of never venturing out in public again, some sort of public health response and tracking is our way out in the future. It’s great to say vaccination will solve the problem, but until we stop seeing differing results around the world, and see a constant largescale reduction in new cases, many will not venture out.

Some of the attempts at using technology haven’t worked out as planned, but at least they are trying.

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