75" LG TV for Teams Meetings need camera and microphone advice

Hello all in Twit land,
I have a client who is using a 75" TV in his office. He has it mounted. But its my job to get it connected for MS Teams meeting. So what is the best way to get this LG tv (non smart) connected so he can sit at his desk , use a lapel microphone and look at those who he is presenting to. My original thoughts are this below.

-obtain a usb hub for TV
-plug web cam into usb hub

but what do I do about using his usb lapel mic ?

someone recommended the iogear wireless transmit kit but I don’t know how this would work ?

In the end, what is your recommendation on him being able to speak normally and be seen normally from a webcam attached to this LG non smart TV ?

Thanks for any advice.

We have this exact setup in our conference room. Small PC attached via HDMI, wireless keyboard/mouse, and a Yealink bar that has the camera, speaker, and mic built in. We have the same bar in the boss’s office plugged in to his laptop via USB, with the TV connected via HDMI.

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Logi and others make a Teams bar with mic, speakers and camera built in. They are specifically for joining teams and other conferences from screens in meeting rooms.

Depends on how much he wants to spend but it is an easy to use option.

You need to be careful with these items, as they may require a separate type of Teams license.

If the TV isn’t smart, you will need to plug it into a PC, a long HDMI cable, run around the walls or through the hung ceiling, for example, or an HDMI repeater, which beams the signal - we use these in our conference rooms, but there is a small (1/4 second) delay when moving the mouse, for example, so a direct cable connection would be better. The same for the camera, long USB cable, or a wireless camera, again wireless brings lag to the party. Then it plugs into the docking station/desktop PC at his desk.

Alternatively, a mini PC on the back of the TV with a wireless mouse & keyboard on his desk, would allow for less delay, but he’d have a second mouse & keyboard cluttering up the place. (Logitech do keyboards and mice that attach to multiple devices, he just needs to press a button on the keyboard to switch between his desktop/laptop and the conferencing PC, same with the mouse.

The Yealink & Logi that @AaronK and @LycheeMcPie mention sound good, or a conference microphone on the desk (like the old conference telephones).

Personally, I’d go for the dedicated PC on the back of the TV, it is less hassle than running cables all around the room or putting up with his complaints about lag, if you are using a wireless connection.

@AaronK if it is just a PC and it is just for the client, do they need a separate license? If it is a dedicated conference solution, that doesn’t use a PC, then it will probably need a special license. Likewise, if it is a conference room, with a dedicated ID, it would need its own license.

We have a mini PC mounted behind the TV. We just have the user log in as themselves to join the meeting, so no additional licensing required.
My point on the dedicated device is that it may require a Teams Room license, which is different than a standard user license.

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thank you for your reply. So I have to buy 2 Yealink devices then ?