180 & 360 degree Photo and Video

Hey All,

Anyone here into taking 180 or 360 degree photo/video ? Would love to know what your opinion is on it.

For those who are into it, what equipment would you recommend for a beginner?

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I come and go on 360 photography. I have the GoPro Fusion and the new Ricoh Theta Z1 – both pretty expensive – and a rarely use either. Mostly I use them when I travel.

I think the problem is playing back the format. It’s very cool - but it’s just not as easy to share as a regular photograph.

Having said that I’ve packed the Z1 for my trip to the Middle East. I’ll try to post some videos here.


It is true playing back the format is hard as only a few places such as youtube and facebook that supports such a format.

The Theta Z1 looks cool but it is indeed over my budget and i am thinking of actually taking more 180 photos and videos but i don’t see much options out there.

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As a format I think VR180 has more legs than 360 since it can be easily shared in 2D, you get 3D (not the case with 2-lens 360 cameras), and in VR I don’t think anyone (me - I’m lazy) really wants to crane their necks to look all the way behind.

Though as a technology 360 cameras that let you reframe, track, and stabilize a 2D video like the Insta360 ONE X are really interesting and will probably be more useful ultimately. Imagine a car shoot for ‘Hands-On Tech’ - with Just one camera in the middle of the dash, you’d have a wide 2-shot, 2 singles, and a forward ‘down-the-road’ angle. And for the car-on-car shooting, just throw the camera out the window on a selfie stick and worry about framing the other car after the fact. Been meaning to pick one up to play with.


My thoughts exactly. I do believe VR180 would be much better as we have peripheral vision and yes i too do not want to crane my neck to see the back

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Here is the camera you need to pack for your trip. https://petapixel.com/2018/09/28/red-and-facebook-unveil-manifold-a-3d-and-360-vr-camera/

It seems like it’s such a niche medium. I have a test unit Vuze XR 360 camera. I dig it. It does a nice job, but I don’t think it’s made for beginners. Even the Insta360 EVO that I previously had. I think the devices are more for enthusiasts photographers/videographers. The editing down on mobile apps with these cameras are nice, but the desktop versions of the apps are lacking in tools beyond stitching the actual files. Premiere Pro does a nice job allowing you to do post processing with a stitched file, but at any rate it’s a lot of work for a 2 minute clip to be put together in a captivating way. I have a few 360 vids on my youtube channel. In some instances I made it full 360, other instances I just keyframed the point of view to what I wanted to show the viewers. And the pricing seems to discourage beginners, IMO.