Chris Marquardt, the Photo Guy - Topic Suggestions and Questions

Hi, I’m Chris Marquardt, every Sunday at 12:33pm Pacific I talk photography with Leo. When I’m not on the Tech Guy Show, I travel the world, taking photographers on exciting photo tours. Sometimes I write books on photography or I podcast about photography.

Let’s use this topic to discuss ideas or ask questions for the Sunday segments on the Tech Guy Show. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all!


I have a Nikon D200. It works well but obviously it has limitations such as not being able to take video and it uses a Compact Flash card with a memory limitation of 2 GB. In your opinion when do cameras become obsolete? I feel as if I need to upgrade to be able to stay current.

The D200 is a great camera, but you’re right, it’s a bit limited when compared to the latest cameras, especially at high ISOs. The main question for me is always this: is it a WANT or a NEED? Do I really need any of the features that a new camera will give me or would I be happy to continue with that camera. I used my Canon 5D Mk II for almost 9 years in a pro context before I upgraded. So what would a new camera give you that would make you a better photographer?


Hey @ChrisMarquardt, thanks for being here!

Have you ever considered running an Instagram account that reposts “the best of” the responses you get to your weekly photo challenges? Flickr feels kind of like an inward-looking community, and putting “the best of” on Instagram feels like a way to be outwardly sharing.

That’s an account I’d follow!

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@ChrisMarquardt - I’d love to hear you talk about how you organize your photos in Lightroom. I use Lightroom CC and my library is synced to the cloud, but I’d love to hear about folder structure, albums, ratings, flags, etc.


Okay, I’m going to admit I never look online at photos… that includes on Flickr or Instagram. If I were to start, I would avoid any site that requires membership just to view the content… and forcefully nags lurkers to join. (Twitter does that, Reddit started and Pinboard is probably the worst.)

Maybe there is something @Leo can setup in Zapier to link some of the contest images back here… to make them easier to enjoy and comment on. Or maybe at least a reminder post here on what the current topic is and instructions on how to participate.

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Instagram doesn’t force you to create an account to view content, but it certainly lags lurkers to join. It also has a terrible web/desktop UI. I think that an equivalent to Mike Elgan’s “Nicebook” where photos are upload to a shared Google Photos album might work, but logistically that would be more difficult than just maintaining the existing Flickr account. Of all of the social networks out there, Flickr seems to be the least “evil” and the most photo-focused.


Great idea, but posting other people’s photos involves a whole lot of management, both on the picture side and on the permission side. Wish I had the time and bandwidth.


Chris, would like to get your input on choices for a camera for taking action photography. Reading that mirrorless cameras autofocus time might be an issue. Primarily use the camera for family and travel photography.

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I always love your segment, Chris, and I’ve learned so much about photography over the years from you. I think it would be great if you and Leo did a TOP 10 or Top 5 Wish List each year for the holidays… like the best stuff you’ve both seen throughout the year that you recommend for photo peeps. Again, thanks for all you do…

PS ABQ Int’l Balloon Fiesta is coming up this weekend. Great local photo op, and sponsored by Canon. They lend cameras out for free and let you keep the SD card, it’s amazing, and they have all the latest models to rent for free during festival or to buy at their kiosk. A nice tip for those visiting :slight_smile:



I too enjoy your segments. It’s fun when you get Leo to spend money - makes it fair for all the money he gets others to spend.


Will you be a regular on hands-on photography?

FYI - There is a recent series in Outdoor Photographer on photo organization.

Back in '85 I got a Nikon EM for tiling a friend’s shower. Due to lack of money at the time, I was forced to use it in spite of it being extremely basic. I found a way to do depth-of-field preview, exposure compensation, etc. I used it for 9 years with minimal complaining. I then bought a used Nikon F3 with the MD4 motor drive. I now use my Galaxy S10 for pretty much everything. It’s amazing how good quality photos are made with this phone.

Chris, was wondering what your take might be on the following opinion piece Sony consumer mentality vs Canon/Nikon/etc traditional photography

Have a great day Tom

Ever set up back button focus on your camera? That can really help with action shots and keeping focus (as long as you have a fast enough shutter speed)


Vedy interesting (read that with a Germanic accent).
Will have to play with that.
Is there an equivalent on the iPhone?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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Hi Chris,

Unlike Leo I can’t go out and buy the latest gear. I have a Canon T2i that does a great job. It shoots at 18mp which I feel is a manageable size for editing. My first camera was a Minolta SRT 201 with match needle. I lost that camera in a home burglary and replaced it with a 35mm Canon A-1 that I still have.

For daily use I have a Canon SX400is (16mp) that I use for my work doing home inspections. And occasionally I use my I Phone 8 as well.

That said, I feel that more important than the gear is the photographer. The more you shoot the better you get, and with digital it doesn’t cost you a fortune. I shoot just about every day.

Looking forward to this months challenge From Canon T2i

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I’m confused by the allure of back-button focus. Educate me.

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I use back-button on all my pro cams. For several reasons:

  1. Having focus on the capture button means it refocuses every time you press it.
  2. Using a back button means I can focus, then shoot multiple shots.
  3. No one can pick up my camera and use it!

I put the button where I can easily reach it with my finger - all camera have customizable buttons within easy reach for just this reason.

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