Compact Travel Zoom Camera

Apologies if this is a duplicate. I’m looking for recommendations on a compact Travel Zoom Camera. My Nikon P510 takes great pictures but is larger and heavier than I’d like. I also find that 42X zoom is impractical for handheld. Brand and model recommendation? Favorite site to shop for cameras? Any recommendations for used or refurbished cameras?

If you’re not looking for interchangeable lens cameras I would look to stepping away from bridge cameras towards a premium compact like the LUMIX LX100 II or one of the more recent Sony RX100 (any model from II on are all good). Much easier for travel, smaller, much better and larger sensors than the Nikon, more limited reach for sure but really good lenses for the price. They’ll both have fewer features but probably better controls and higher quality images.


If you can provide some more information, it would help narrow down options. What is your budget? How compact (i.e. are you looking for something that will fit in a pocket or just smaller than a Nikon P510)? How long of a zoom?


Good questions. Pocket or belt pouch size. 20X zoom is probably my max for handheld. Budget is under $400

At $400, you’re trading image quality for size. The market for low and mid-range pocket cameras basically disappeared as cell phone image quality improved, which means that instead of having entry level options, you’re stuck looking at older models or used cameras. Your best bet would probably be a Sony RX100 II (Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Overview) or a used Sony RX100 VI (Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VI Overview), which would likely still be more than $400, but would give you double the zoom and faster speed at the telephoto end. I shoot with a Sony RX100 III (when I leave the DSLR at home), but that model doesn’t have the zoom you want.


Thank you, Amp300 … I’ll check out the marketplace for used Sony Rx100 VI cameras. Are there any online retailers of used/refurbished cameras that you would recommend?

I always check my local camera shop first. The prices are rarely the best, but there’s something to be said for supporting local business and getting hands-on time with gear before you commit to buy. Absent that option, B&H has a used department (Used Sony Point & Shoot Cameras), sells used gear through a sister site ( and there’s always eBay.