Playstation 4 HD upgrade

I’m needing more space on my PS4 Pro so I was thinking about replacing the internal drive with a 2 TB HD. I now see there are options for external drives. Was wounding what everyone thought about them.


FWIW, yesterday 9to5Mac featured a video on a sub-$2K Mac mini set-up geared to video-editing which included an external drive; he chose Fledging’s Shell Thunder:

Shell Thunder SSD Enclosure (1TB) by Fledging - PCIe Thunderbolt 3 Portable External SSD Enclosure m.2 to Thunderbolt 3

I recently replaced my PS4 HD with another (internal) drive. Easy to do, doesn’t void the warranty, and looks cleaner.

I actually bought a larger drive, but never did get around to installing it, because the internal drive is the 2.5" spinning media form factor and it is difficult to find (locally in stock) anything larger than 1TB and I don’t think there are drives larger than 2TB. I went for an external USB case with an 8TB drive it, and I honestly can’t notice any significant difference in speed between internal and external drive. You set the external drive as the destination for any new software installs (and move off anything internal you want if you need to make space) and then it otherwise seems to behave just as before. If the USB drive is not available the system doesn’t fail or anything, just those games installed on it get an X icon and can’t be launched until the USB drive is available again.


I use a 2TB external, and I really don’t notice a difference is speed either. Also, don’t buy one of those externals “Designed for PS4”. They are more expensive and the only difference between them and a regular external is that it is pre-formated for a PS4. You can format it yourself and save a bunch of money.

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This is not a specific recommendation but as a FYI, this is the exact case I used, and I put in a generic desktop HDD. “ORICO 3.5” Tool-Free USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure"

Thanks for the info that makes my decision easy. I will just get an external drive. I remember swapping the PS3 internal and it wasn’t hard jus took a long time to back up and restore. This will save me some time and double the space for the same price.

Thanks everyone!!

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I went the easier route of upgrading with an external drive. I think it’s a great option. My only complaint is that my PS4 Slim only has USB ports in the front, so the cable is visible. I’m using an L shaped USB adapter to make it look a little cleaner.

This is the drive I’m using:
WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 -

Yes, this was a bad decision from Sony. They should have had a USB on the back side as well precisely for an expansion like this.

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