13.1.1.... Is it good to go?

Seems fine so far for me (less than 24 hours) - before I MDM push this to a corporate environment (and probably more importantly my wife) - any thoughts? … feel like the patch to the patch is about the right time.

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I’m an idiot and install the updates as soon as I can on my devices. It’s on my iPhone 11 and my older iPad Pro and no issues as yet.

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Welcome @Stefbauer - Alex Lindsay always said don’t take the update (13.0), don’t install the update to the update (13.1), always wait for the update that fixes what the update to the update broke (13.1.1). By that standard, we’re here. And, indeed, 13.1.1 seems pretty good. Not perfect, just pretty good!


Installed 13.1.2. I haven’t had any issues on iPhones or iPads (yet).
Hopefully this daily update cycle will slow down soon. Alex Lindsay may have to amend his recommendation to wait until the second update to the update.

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OMG 13.1.2 already. Wow. You have to wonder what the extensive public betas accomplished.


The newest point releases seem to fix issues with the newer devices that weren’t released at the time of the extensive beta testing. Fixes for iPhone 11 Pro Max camera issues for example.

So, on the subject of iOS 13, can anyone provide how I replace the old magnifying glass that used to come up when trying to navigate through things I was trying to enter (creating notes, writing email) or editing text. It was a shock to find it gone, and having trouble getting the curser where I want it to be, especially if moving to the middle of existing text.

Tap somewhere in the vicinity of the text you want @Bgeeoz then long press the space bar - in my opinion it works much better than the magnifying glass.

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Can’t stop laughing. Took a couple of tries to get how it worked. Really confused when I got the blank keyboard when I long clicked, but finally slid my finger on the space bar to move the cursor. Now you tell me how you figured that out. Steve Jobs would have to roll over if anyone said that was just intuitive.


I updated as soon as 13.0,came out since I was getting a new watch. Honestly have not had any issues with it through 13.1.2 with these exceptions

1- outlook is cranky about watch sync
2- pairing to Bluetooth headphones is sketch.

Also have heard from various folks that using the 13.0 and greater phones does cause some hassle with captive portals.


I’m with Alex Lindsay. I’ll wait for the kinks to get worked out.

Had an issue with Apple Pay on day 1 of 13.0. Stopped working on SE when locked when placed on POS (point of sale device). Took call to Apple support and noticing settings>Touch ID & passcode>Allow access when locked Wallet had defaulted to off with update while talking to specialist.

me too…I do the same but no major issues with most updates.

Yeah - so installed 13.1.2 - seems ok - but - also seems like they don’t have their act together. Personally - going to try it on my phone - and push out the corporate update for a week and do it Wednesday next week.

Last night I furiously updated my watch, iPad, and iPhone to their respective latest versions. No issues yet.

How does one update furiously :wink:

As soon as you notice there’s an update available drop everything and start updating ASAP. Don’t know why I do that.

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I can relate. I believe that it’s called being “a nerd.” Or so I am told.


I did the beta of iPad iOS 13a couple months ago so I could use the file management and usb thumb drive to download some pdf’s for my work without going through a computer in the field. I lost a few apps that weren’t compatible with iOS 13 but overall it’s been pretty good for me

How about 13.1.2? Seems good.