TTG 1817 for Saturday 7 August 2021

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the caller had it right - Apple has “deputized itself” without further respect to the constitution!

I’m often perplexed by people in tech who express lots of concerns regarding privacy, yet their actions don’t necessarily reflect that. Leo has repeatedly talked about the dangers of smart TV, reporting on what you are or aren’t watching. Conversely, I’ve heard Leo say many times he welcomes Google knowing his interests, which then provides him with advertisements or suggestions that interests him. Lots of tech people use Google products, yet preach privacy all the time.

I’m not sure why the smart TV connected to the internet is more concerning than Apple creating a pathway into your phone. Granted, the current use is noble, but now there is a company who has convinced the public that your privacy is their utmost concern, demonstrating they can and will provide an entry point to your phone. What will be the next reason to take a peek at your phone? Who gets to determine that?

No decent human being wants child pornography to exist or be available. Which makes it the perfect excuse for Apple to demonstrate that they can find a way onto your device. I’m pretty positive that the Trump regime would have liked to have found some “national security” excuse to have their buddy Tim Apple let them snoop a bit.

I’m no privacy expert or absolutist, but this just seems counter to everything Apple has shoved at us for years. It does seem like a slippery slope to me.

this is a good time to face the fact that we are not in control over what happens in our phones, like it or not. between malware, tracking of many types, and the manufacturers whims, they serve more purposes than our own.


Just caught up with this episode and I have to say that Leo & Dick discussing the personal cooling system is nearly as good as Bob Newhart’s Walter Raleigh sketch.