Your Favourite Chrome Extensions

In my reply in this topic I mentioned a chrome extension I use and thought it may be a good subject for us to share the extensions that we rate highly.

So here is my list.

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  • LastPass - Password Manager
  • Ublock origin - Block ads that may have malicious scripts

I really like Pixlr Editor as a Photoshop Clone.

I use Mighty Text a lot. I like how I get text messages from my phone onto the computer - and I can type back texts using the normal keyboard on my computer.

On a side note - while not an extension, I love the Android checkbook register app: Volkron Checkbook. I use it all the time, and it backs up to Google Drive for ya too.

Here are mine
bitly (miss

sqrl (of course)
I have a few others but these are the main ones.

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Any good chrome extensions to take screenshots?

As it happens, I just had to turn all my extensions off for testing of some websites. And, when I was done, I turned only 4 of them back on. And probably will keep it that way. Caveat… I’m on Pixelbook (retired, only compute/internet for fun).

Keep Awake
AmazonSmile 1Button

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder looks quite good

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I use this…
Full Page Screenshot

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I’m going to be a joker… My favourite extension for Chrome is called Firefox :wink:

Which is to say, I don’t trust Chrome for my privacy so only use it very occasionally when something doesn’t work for me in my locked down Firefox.

The only extension I have installed is this one:

Which hasn’t caused me any grief the few times I’ve used Chrome for web browsing.

I used to use this one (under a slightly different name) on a different machine and was pleased by the art.


Ublock origin

Evernote Web Clipper
Dark Reader
Google Dictionary

JSON Viewer Awesome (automatically formats and presents JSON data in an easily readable format. Great for those who need it).

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I’ve now added Google Dictionary to my Evernote Web Clipper and LassPass Extensions in Chrome. Thanks for the suggestion.

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