What are some of your favorite Chrome apps/extensions?

What are some of your favorite apps/extensions that you use on your Chromebook/Chromebox?

My favorites are:

Pixlr Editor (Photo editor/Photoshop clone - Chrome extension)
MS Word Online (Chrome extension)
Mighty Text (Chrome extension - I can send and receive text messages thru my phone on my Chromebook)
Volkron Checkbook (Android checkbook register app)
Microsoft Outlook (Android app)
Pi Music Player (Android app)
VLC (android app )


Right now all I have is LastPass installed but I’m watching this thread because I’d love more suggestions!


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Last Pass
The Great Suspender, brilliant for stopping unused tabs.
Ublock Origin
JS Torrent

Android Apps
Kasa for our smart lights
All cast and receiver but unused
Netflix also unused as prefer browser

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What do you guys use the VLC extension for? Or is this the Chrome App?

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I use it to watch videos that are saved on my SD card. DVDs that I copied previously.

I use VLC to watch local copies of movies or TV. Ideal when travelling and you cant stream content. It plays pretty much every file type going as well.

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I tried both the Android VLC app and the VLC chrome extension. I found that I liked the android app more, for playing videos off the SD card.

uBlock Origin (future R.I.P.)
Google Hangouts (future R.I.P.)
Recipe Filter
Proxy SwitchySharp