WW 846: Purple is for Jazz Hands

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For scanner tools: Vuescan works with a lot of scanners.

I haven’t watched/listened yet, but I’m a tad boozy and cannot help but complain about the thin red line that runs across the bottom of the YouTube thumbnails. I’m pretty sure this is just the new lower third that you slap on, but on YouTube, it very closely resembles the visual cue that you’ve already watched most of that video, which makes me less inclined to open it.

This isn’t a huge deal and I won’t complain about it again, but it is an opportunity for improvement that seems like a pretty easy fix.

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Another minor thing, is pronouncing GUI as G U I an Americanism or a Thurrottism? It’s always been ‘gooey’ wherever I’ve worked.

I called it a G U I for years, until I the Americanization took over and it became gooey… :rofl:

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You’re right about the thin red line - I feel like I’ve complained about this before. But I’ll do it again.

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Sorry, as a Canadian I can’t stop myself ( Glass Tiger - Wikipedia .) (Their more popular song “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone” was a very popular graduation song when I was in high school.)

I think the Unity price changes are due to the attention being paid to them by Apple. Apple has showcased Unity as a platform ever since the Epic lawsuit. With the increase in MacOS and iOS gaming (not to mention Vision coming out) - I bet they are thinking about increased app installs and they want to cash in on that.

Richard (I think) suggested they are looking at some kind of acquisition. I could see a scenario in which Apple decided to buy them and bring that expertise in-house.

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Regarding the USB situation, I still have a couple of micro USB devices, and even my Olympus voice recorder has a mini USB. The more expensive laptops might have USB-C ports on them, but the majority of laptops I’ve seen recently have just had regular USB, so I have to have USB-A to USB-C cables. Part of the issue, it seems to me, is that we’ve had just over 20 years before USB-C came out

On the AI image generation side of things, some of the images in my head tend to be quite dark. When I try and have DALLE-2 generate concept art of what that might look like for the horror comics/scripts I write, I always get that it violates their guidelines,

I have a couple of old torches, my old Kindle and my 2015 Sony camera. I think pretty much everything else is USB C, apart from our iPhones.

I have an Anker 4-way charger with micro USB and Garmin cables for charging all the other stuff (bike lights/computer, watch, Kindle, Ring camera batteries). Wife’s phone is still Lightning. Annoying, one day it will all be wireless or USB-C. Getting there slowly.

I had this today - what’s a Windows configuration update? :thinking:

Appears to be their name for non-security updates that [probably] add new features.

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Thanks. Getting confusing IMO having all these different categories of updates. I’d rather have a single list, they can tell me what’s in them in the update release notes.

Also, see a few people complaining these updates are getting forced onto PCs even though they have paused updates.

I have always called G U I. Never heard anyone cal it gooey on the eu side of things.