WW 843: The Drawer of Broken Dreams

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Good summary of Apple’s data centers.

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Why would any sane human being use Windows on a Mac? I mean, surely, the only reason to run Windows if you need that x86/x64 goodness? If your corporate software is ARM-based, I’d have thought there’d already be a Mac app or a PWA.
I can’t help thinking that the CMA is blocking the Activision Blizard deal to annoy @thurrott or because they don’t want Microsoft getting more powerful in the gaming space.

I have a MacBook Air and a ThinkPad. 90% of the software I need is available on both platforms, but there are a couple of applications that only run under Windows.

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Python in Excel, as far as I understand it, will send the data into the cloud, where the Python will run over it and the results passed back.