WW 813: Usage Intensity

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I’m shocked Paul keeps scoffing at Slack’s contention that Teams is a watered down version of Slack. Sure, Teams had integrated all kinds of other Microsoft products that I don’t need in my chat client. But as a chat client, Slack is still 10x the experience of Teams. Amongst my colleagues and ex-coworkers who’ve used both, I don’t know anyone who prefers the Teams interface for actual chat. The reminders, the speed of the application, the custom emoji, the way it handles channels - all better in Slack. The one thing Teams has going for it? Most businesses get it free with their Microsoft licensing. I know that’s what drove us away from Slack and to Teams where I’ve worked. It certainly wasn’t feature superiority or a better UI or chat experience. I will concede that the “Zoom like features” of audio/video calls (to be fair, mostly borrowed by Zoom from Skype) are nice compared to Slack, and that is a distinct edge in the business world. But it’s one of very, very few areas where Microsoft did it better. Their edge comes from familiarity, not superiority.


I think that last part is why Paul scoffs at Slack’s case, most people live in Teams making video calls and meetings, with a side order of chat.


I second what @big_D stated. Anytime I’ve used Teams for a work related purpose we lived inside of Video chat. The only time I’ve used Teams as a chat was for about 3 weeks on a special call center project and it was where my team reached out to each other and myself for direct help.