Windows 10 22H2 is "available" now

My PC was offered Windows 10 22H2.

I haven’t installed it yet, but I did click the link to find out what is new. Here’s what MS is saying to entice you:

Boy oh boy am I excited. I presume in Microsoft speak, “scoped set” now means “zero new features”. Or more specifically, “buy a new PC please and move over to Windows 11 ASAP.”

Oh great, I can hardly wait to see what it breaks.

So far nothing seems any different what-so-ever. If there is anything new or broken, it’s well hidden.

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Strangely, on my custom build, I haven’t been offered anything past 21H1. Though they have offered Windows 11 a couple times. I’m not sure when I want to make the move.

If you want to “force” the issue, you can use Steve Gibson’s utility InControl. You can edit the fields in it to 22H2 and then take control, and it will update without any need for your further interaction. (You have used a tool to tell Windows to get there ASAP and it will.)

Additionally you can use the utility to stave off Windows 11 indefinitely.

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