WW 787: No Code? Faux Code

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I keep hearing this complaint you can’t right-click the taskbar. Isn’t the Win 11 equivalent right-click the Start icon in the dock? Gives you quick access to Device Manager, Task Manager, Event Viewer and so on.

Nice to have the 3-amigos back, although I enjoyed last week’s ‘upbeat’ show too. Get better soon @Leo and family.

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In Windows 10 you can right click any icon (in the Start menu, on the tray, wherever) and get a useful menu. In the tray, with Firefox, it gives me a list of my most frequently used sites. With the Calc icon it gives me the choice of it’s different modes (normal, scientific, etc.) With Steam it shows me games I can launch.

As I normally run in a user account, I most often use the right click menu to run the app with elevation… which is something that really annoyed me when it was missing in Windows 11.

I found Windows 11 so clunky that I have sworn off it. I am riding out Windows 10, and then switching to something else, like Linux, somewhere along the way. Also, I don’t have new enough hardware anyway, and I don’t want a mix of OS major versions… that’s just confusion waiting to happen. There is NO reason they couldn’t have made the Windows 11 shell, bad as it is, available to Windows 10, just without the “advanced” security.


Windows 11 does the same. Or am I missing something?

As I don’t run it, I don’t have it handy to see if that got improved. My experience when it first came out was the right click did nothing useful anywhere.

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