WW 745: Bloomberry Compote Swirls

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Sounds like Twitch already lost everything so is there any point them increasing their security now? I’d have thought that, even if you just want Office running on a single computer, you’re probably still better off getting Office 365 since, if you need to change your PC, all you have to do is go online and reassign the license whereas, in the old days, I remember having to call Microsoft and get them to give me an activation code for the new PC

There are circumstances where PCs aren’t online, therefore they can’t use O365.

We have lab equipment etc. where the PCs are either not networked or are on isolated segments and have no company network or internet access. For those PCs, it is impossible to use O365 or other “online” registration systems.

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Absolutely valid use cases there.

I would point out (probably needlessly - but hey!) that circumstances like that would seem to qualify as edge cases and not a typical end-user usage scenario., But I personally have also encounter individual instances like what you describe - so it’s clearly more frequent than “never”.