WW 705: Married With Windows

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I was dabbling in PWAs before being thrown out of the office, but the work-from-home push really got me going with them. Specifically, I use the PWA version of the Office suite daily. The full Outlook client just has SO much stuff I don’t use that it feels quite bloated. It’s also really nice not to have a giant .ost file hiding somewhere on my disk, chewing threw my IOPs budget for reasons unknown.

Google Voice is another PWA that I use on a daily basis. It’s funny, I almost never touch my phone for telephonic activity anymore, and almost exclusively use it for chatting/social/pictures - all things I would have used my PC for 5 years ago. Total role reversal.

Just today watching WW705 and cannot help but wonder what is the source causing MJ’s screen shot to be over illuminated on and off?

I’ve not really found any PWA’s that have blown me away. I prefer the real office Suite on My windows and Mac OS’s as they are always locally available. It may be that I live in Rural Southern Indiana where some days when I’m stuck at home, connectivity isn’t usable.


Likewise, I have yet to see a PWA that I would use/install.

I don’t visit many PWAed sites and I still use all my data locally, with cloud backups. GDPR limits things a lot as well, no image processing on Adobe, no storing documents on Google or Microsoft clouds, for example. That makes PWAs harder to live with.

The same for “moving Windows to the cloud”, as long as the US doesn’t reform its legal system, that is a total no-go.

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I think maybe more interesting than PWAs (and fully compatible with them) is web assembly. I’m spending some time playing with Rust and wasm to build toy web apps. I’d really like to look at making a TWiT app this way down the road.

I’m don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that wasm is how Fortnite and Microsoft’s xCloud will work in Safari on IOS.

If I stop to think about why I dislike the idea of PWAs I think it boils down to what they try to achieve. They’re trying to bridge mobile and desktop, and I just don’t think that ever goes great. I don’t want a phone without a touch screen, and I don’t want a PC with one. Trying to build the one app to rule them all just doesn’t appeal to me, it feels like one massive compromise. And I despise JavaScript based desktop apps, because they bring with them so much overhead sludge and Chrome is already a massive pig on resources.

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what is that book series Paul was talking about with 60 minute history and the queen etc. ? my google-fu wasn’t strong enough for this one.

I make no guarantees I got it right, but I assumed since @Leo was asking about audio books, that a search on Audible.com was the right thing to look for, and this is the most likely result:

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I love the thought process of progressive web apps. Much of what I do online could be achieved with just some limited cache of offline content and ability to interact with it when I connect back to internet. Take Gmail in Chrome for instance…You can download up to 90 days of email and keep it in the browser to use like you’d use a outlook. Connect to Interent, download mail. Process mail and if you respond connect to internet to reply. If I could choose a few things to be PWA’s this would be my list.

Regions Banking (Be able to balance checkbook/checkcard offline)
Facebook Groups (Not all of facebook just a few moderated groups)
TWIT.TV (Ability to download subscribed episodes directly to device to watch offline)
Thurrott.com (Love reading the articles)

I’m sure many wouldn’t agree with my list but these are things if I had the technical know how I’d try to make work for me.

@thurrott just has posted:
Tip: Use Firefox for Web Apps