WW 677: Everything's a Widget in Flutter

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hopefully they’ll quit waffling about the update naming convention and leave well enough alone! makes so much more sense. also they’re not tied to a specific month any longer so people won’t be spitooning about late releases.

Almost had a heart attack watching the show last night. I use a storage spaces mirror on my data drive.
I quickly went to apply the read-only workaround, but found the script doesn’t select any drives.
I’m hoping that means mirrored drives are ok, or at least my configuration is ok…
I started a fresh backup anyway.
Now I can resume the show.

Thanks, Mary Jo and Paul

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@Leo, your show tunes rendition of “Everything’s a Widget in Flutter” was worth a hearty laugh. Maybe Google should actually make Flutter: The Musical ! :wink:

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There’s a fairly detailed rundown of what’s currently known here, with some user experiences:

Sounds like it’s really important not to run CHKDSK while the problem is ongoing, and it might be a good idea to make backup copies of important files on another disk or system.

Also might be worth keeping an eye on https://www.askwoody.com/ for more information on this issue, as the site tends to update daily.