WW 669: Friendly Flying Monkeys

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@Leo The lip noises that are left in before “this is windows weekly” at the start… I guess the editor missed that… made me rewind to check if I was hearing things LOL

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Hi, I would like to be as respectful as possible, here but I was very offended by Mr. Thurrott’s comment on today’s podcast that people protesting are “idiots.” First of all, there are thousands of people in several states that are protesting. A recent NBC poll showed that 32% of people are concerned that social distancing restrictions will take too long to be removed. I understand that is a minority of the country, but 32% is a significant part of America. I live in a small town that is virtually unaffected by COVID-19. As of Monday, my zip code had 10 cases of COVID-19 and zero deaths. The people protesting are concerned because they are being asked to give up their livelihoods for a problem that is very limited in their areas. Most people in small towns feel this way. We understand we are not “immune” the virus, but the data clearly shows the large dense cities are the most likely to have large outbreaks of the virus. In addition, there is very little travel between small towns in “fly over country” and the large cities.

There is a significant portion of this country who works in blue collar jobs and other types of jobs that can not be done from home. You folks are extremely lucky. Please have a little more respect for others who can not do what you do.

Other than that, please keep up the good work on covering Microsoft!


Well I would like to be as respectful as possible and say Paul is exactly correct. Can you imagine why your country is the only one in the world with these protests? It’s unfortunate that you [apparently] live in a country that can’t support people with some income while still wasting trillions of dollars on military and giving tax breaks to big business.


I agree. This is honestly an example of one of the reasons why Trump is president. I speak to a lot of die hard Trump supporters, and they always they folks on the coasts believe they are smarter and better than everyone. I am sure Paul (like myself) would love to see Trump go. Saying things like this do not help in the least, in fact, it confirms what middle America think of folks on the coast.