Wow! The least expensive iPhone

I came across an article by Michael Simon - look at the power of the A13 Bionic chip in the iPhone SE ($399) vs the BEST chips available in the Android world that cost a LOT more:

Galaxy S20 Ultra ($1,400), Google Pixel 4 ($900) and OnePlus 7T ($600). Add it all up and you’ve got $3,000 in Android phones against one lowly $399 iPhone

I picked the three phones I did because they represent the cream of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon crop. The S20 Ultra uses the 865, the best system-on-chip available, the OnePlus 7T is powered by the Snapdragon 855+, and the Pixel 4 runs the Snapdragon 855. Simply put, you won’t find a trio of faster processors in any Android phone. But pitted against the lowly iPhone SE, the three phones simply can’t stack up:

Geekbench 5 (CPU)

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Single-core: 901
Multi-core: 3245

Pixel 4 XL

Single-core: 724
Multi-core: 2529

OnePlus 7T

Single-core: 772
Multi-core: 2883

iPhone SE

Single-core: 1331
Multi-core: 3310

Before you ask, those results are with all of the latest patches and updates installed and following fresh restarts. I performed them multiple times and took the best results. In short, there’s no contest. The iPhone SE not only handles the best Android phones, it handily beats phones costing twice and thrice as much. And when it comes to graphics, the iPhone SE is a beast.

from Michael Simon

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That is a little unfair, the Galaxy S20 is $400 - $500 cheaper than the Ultra and has the same processor…

It doesn’t change your main argument, but it does make it look a little over-biased.

The other part is, you can’t get an Android phone with an A13 chip and you can’t get an iPhone with Exynos, Kirin or Snapdragon processors.

I love my iPhone, but I don’t like these comparisons much. I think in most Android users eyes, the drawback of the A13 is that it doesn’t run Android.