Winona's Winona Squarespace Super Bowl Ad

I’ve got to give a shoutout to the Squarespace ad. (So that’s the tech tie-in.)
Winona, MN is about 35 miles from my house.
My wife grew up in Winona.
I graduated from Winona State University.

Behind the scenes of the ad

The pamphlet Winona mentions that her mom picked up in laundromat is about this:

The ad

P.S. Anyone know what kind of camera Winona is using?


P.S. The Grumpy Old Men movies were set and filmed up river (Mississippi) just a bit from Winona in Wabasha.

Just up the river and on the Wisconsin side from Wabasha is Pepin, WI. Not far from there is the site of Laura Ingles’ book Little House in the Book Woods.

No actual clue, but at first it reminded me a bit of:

That sure looks like it. Cute camera. Nice retro look.