Windows XP vs IE8

Use Windows XP on old Pentium 4 in order to use Quicken 8 for DOS. OK…so I’m a bit "behind the curve.

IE8 will NOT work, Multiple items on Yahoo! search, but no solution.

IE8 WILL go to BING, but nothing else. “Diagnosis” says to check HTTP, HTTPS, FTP port settings in firewall, but even with firewall disabled, “No Joy”.

IE8 probably doesn’t support TLS 1.2 and most sites have deprecated TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1.

Try and old version of Firefox LTS.

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Was running XP on an old laptop until 2 months ago. Was using Opera as browser on the very odd occasion I needed to go online.

IE 8 is too old (and too dangerous) to be used on the Internet these days.

The only TLS protocols it understands were depricated years ago and most major sites, including the search engines, have stopped serving sites using these protocols, as they are no longer safe.

XP is also a major security risk on the Internet. As a personal preference, I’d remove the network cable / turn off wi-fi and use another device for research, whether that be a more modern PC or a tablet or phone. We have a bunch of XP machines at work, because the scientific equipment they are attached to doesn’t have drivers or software for more modern versions of Windows. They are all isolated from the network.

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Personally, I would virtualize the old machine into VirtualBox and run it on a modern Windows 10 machine. MS makes a utility to convert a HD into a suitable virtualHD.

Even so, I wouldn’t give it network access. XP is just too dangerous. An attacker can still use it as a bridgehead into the rest of the network.


I would not use XP or even Windows 7, they are not supported anymore, if this runs in DOS it might run in Linux under Wine or dosbox. Linux + dosbox is free and more secure than XP/Windows 7

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