It's 2022 and you still need

Internet Explorer…

With Brexit forging ahead, the UK Government is behind schedule.

As well as the new Customs platform for registering loads not working properly and logistics companies not being able to register their deliveries to the UK properly, the new fruit, vegetable & horticultural customs platform is still not ready, so they are offering PEACH.

This system requires IE 8, or at a pinch, IE 11 in compatibility mode! In 2022!

Given that Microsoft’s current Windows version can’t even run IE (it isn’t included and it refuses to run, if you try and install it afterwards, AFAIK) and MS itself has laid IE to rest and said users should use Edge, that counts out most WIndows users there days.

On top of that, if you don’t use Windows, you are SoL, when it comes to trying to register your fruit and veg imports into the UK.

Mac? No chance. Linux? Nope. Android? Forget it. iOS? You’re having a laugh! Windows 11? Pfft :rofl: Windows 10? Maybe, if you have IE installed and you use legacy mode, it might work.

We really want you to use Windows XP or Windows 7!|&xgovd2v=en&xgovj6d=7749c8e65e84a337f41614cc34db641606ac3932

Peach system compatibility mode
PEACH is only compatible with Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer 11 it will only work with the compatibility view enabled.
For guidance on setting up compatibility view, please find instructions for this at the Microsoft Support Page.


I guess they don’t want to spend money on testing it against new platforms and browsers, so all they can formally state is they are compatible with IE. :crossed_fingers:t2: it works in newer browsers.

Well, the system will be replaced in January 2021… Oh, wait…

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I’m sure we’ve all been there. Several times we had to spin up a project to refresh an outgoing system because its replacement had been delayed.

Oh my lord. Another consequence of Brexit? Wow!

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