Anyone still running Windows XP?

Anyone still running Windows XP and why?

I have a spare PC I use to access the conole for my router and for playing my vintage game collection. It’s so wonderful that it has 3 GB of ram.

We are still using XP for some stuff at work. The rest is Win 7 with a small trial of Win 10 for volume roll out next year.

We have a piece of medical equipment that’s still running on it, supposedly because the FDA hasn’t approved the updated drivers. The equipment companies are in no hurry because they get to urge that we buy a new system with nothing to gain other than the fact it’s running the current software. The device in question is $80K+ so, yeah, I’m a little bitter. I’m not ready to buy a new car because the transmission is bad.

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Have recently been around medical gear and have seen three or four systems running XP. On one hand :grimacing: on the other they said they have to hand copy all the info off of them because they can’t use them online. :crossed_fingers:

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We have an old VB6 application at work which is running on Windows XP on a VM.

Some machines, they run instruments or specialty software that is too cost prohibitive to upgrade, so we jail them on the network and ensure the users don’t have local admin rights.

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I’m in the process of building a new XP machine from old parts. My father in-law just had his old XP machine die, and he wants to play flight sims with a very specific throttle controller that only has drivers for XP. The throttle controller will not work with anything else.

I’m going to note that many moons ago my mom’s XP laptop was dying and I used Microsoft’s tool to image the HD into a virtual HD and then put the entire laptop into a VirtualBox virtual machine. This seems like a pretty good solution for keeping an old XP machine around for future reference.

Edit: I should warn that you will potentially face Windows Activation challenges, but you can probably call their activation hotline for help in many cases. (I am unsure about OEM Windows licenses though.)

Only in a VM (It’s not safe) . I have some old apps that I can’t seem to get Windows 10 to run (even in compatibility mode)

i have an old Asus Eee PC.

Due to the hardware, Win XP is the only one that works well next to the Ubuntu that is installed on it.

I use it for old time war driving.

My dad, because he’s old and stubborn (his admission) and doesn’t like change. He’ll be running XP until either he or his computer dies.

I stopped using XP a couple of years before its end of life in April 2014, It was only on a old Compaq Laptop that I retired. Had been to all Windows 7 by then. Mainly because I had really liked Win 7 it was better.

That’s true for a lot of medical equipment…

I worked for a liquor store in Delaware and all of Delaware’s lotto machines are running XP.

And are connected to the internet.

And have customer accessible USB ports.

On a side note, anyone want to play the lottery? It is abysmal security and I’m actually surprised no one has targeted it yet.

We still have some laboratory equipment and process controllers that needs XP.

The only way to get a more modern version of the control software that runs on Windows 10 is to replace a perfectly working industrial machine (not the PC) and replace with a new one that costs 6 figures!

We have just about finished with our Windows 10 rollout. I think we’ve got about 10% (20 - 30 machines) still to go, we should have them finished by the end of November.

Yea, that is ridiculous

I use it on Virtual Box every now and then but only because my nostalgia is strong, have no use for it otherwise.

I loved Windows XP and did have it in the VM app on Windows 7. But as times chaged me i moved to mac and never gone back.