Microsoft Evaluation Center

I am trying to build a virtual machine lab in order to play around with some Microsoft technologies. Microsoft’s Evaluation Centre doesn’t seem to have any version of Windows or Windows Server prior to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 respectively. Does anywhere else have an evaluation version of the older operating systems?

You would need a MSDN (or whatever they call it now) subscription for older OS. MS intentionally only makes the current OS’s available for download.

Alternatively, you might want to just play in the cloud.

Yeah… think I’ll just play in Azure since that’s my goal anyway

I am NOT endorsing this site, and I don’t know if it is even safe to visit, but there is a site that claims to archive older ISOs https: // windo wstan . com/ win/ (I have intentionally not made the URL clickable because of my lack of known trust of the site… copy the text and remove the spaces if you want to visit it.)