Windows sends its best regards from 2004

I thought you all might enjoy a picture from my Windows 10 Preview release virtual machine… welcome to 2004 everyone :wink:


That’s great. At least it’s not 2003, then we’d really be heading backwards!

I thought they were switching to the 20H[n] designation to avoid this silliness?

Apparently that naming was only the development code name. They like the YYMM naming, but it’s going to be a little odd for the year 2020 because it’s 20 and 20 and they’re the same. We’re going to be accelerating fast… in 2021 it will be 2103 and 2109 … followed by 2203 and 2209… And in a decade we’ll be in the year 3000 (I leave it as an exercise for the reader to go to YouTube and listen to the Jonas Brothers song :wink: )