Will it be called Windows 10 2009?

I see that my Windows Preview machine is currently installing: Windows 10 Insider Preview 19536.1000 (rs_prerelease)

So will this end up being called Windows 10 2009 or Windows 10 2010 or Windows 10 2011 ? :wink:

Version designator aside, It’ll be Windows 10 Fall 2020 update, even though it’ll be spring here…

Or maybe it’ll be November 2020 update seeing as the latest one is officially called November 2019 update.

Mary Jo and Paul have already made their feelings plain about the confusing mess of different ways to refer to a single release…

I still prefer numbers with some form of meaning to some cutesy internal moniker that gets leaked out to the press twice a year. Windows 10 Corncob Pipe is coming soon!!

So a follow up to this post. My PC will not actually successfully install this update… it keeps rolling back after spending a quite loooooong time counting from 0% to nearly 25%.