Windows Search Utility

I’m curious if anyone can advise me on a Windows 10 Search Utility that will allow me to search more specifically than the built in utility.

I found a utility on SourceForge but it wouldn’t let me select the files and delete them.

The reason I’m asking for this is we combined two computer’s files into one and this resulted in “- Copy” being added to the end of copies of files.

If I could search for “- Copy” at the end of a filename AND then later select and delete that filename, my work in cleaning up the files would be SO much easier!

I welcome anyone’s input!

You can’t just search for “copy” in file explorer?

No. It returns all instances of “copy.” I have other utilities that offer different services which allow a more granular search to rule out certain senarios. Windows offers little in that regard.

Plus, I have hundreds of files with “- copy” at the end but some files with Copyright at the beginning. I want to weed out any of the latter from my search.

You’ve googled for advanced search operators using the built in Windows 10 search?

Actually, I’ve interpreted that there are fine-tuned searches but none that allow the specifics I’m needing.

They do. But I don’t have time to google for them right now. Try Windows 10 advanced search as a query.

Because the “- copy” has been appended to copies can be interpreted by the search as “NOT copy” is a problem. If I had some other way of finding those files, that’d be helpful.

Try the trial of Directory Opus. It has really powerful regex search and rename abilities. I like it enough to have purchased a license but you can use it completely functionally for 30 days.

I’m not sure if Everything will do what you need… it is very fast though if it will.


If your directory structure isn’t too complex then a bulk file renaming util might be helpful. I’ve used in the past. You can get pretty granular with filters.

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This software did the trick! I saw it in a google search but avoided it because I had never heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation!!