Recommendation for Backup/Copy Utility

I’m looking for a Windows copy utility to copy the photos from my laptop to a USB drive from time to time as an onsite backup. I don’t want a proprietary backup file. I also would like the program to only copy files that haven’t been copied already. Any recommendations?

You could do this with a simple one line robocopy batch file with the right switches. I believe it is still built into Windows 10. Execute it when you want, or put it in a scheduled task. Something like

robocopy “\source\folder” “\dest\folder” /E /XO /R:1 /W:10 /tee /log+:C:\logpath\filename.txt

That would copy from source to destination, the entire directory on first run, then only differences on subsequent runs. If a file is removed from source it is not removed from the destination. Log+ keeps a running log file of actions you can search later.


Interesting. Thanks.
Found documentation:

I think there’s a couple of free apps that add a GUI to Robocopy.

there is a free tool called SyncToy , it can do your request easily and has a good GUI also

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