Windows 11 is closing 2 apps automatically?

Any tips on what setting or log file I can look at to work out what’s happening on my laptop? Two apps (the MS Mail app and WhatsApp desktop app) close by themselves.

I group apps using virtual desktops and leave them open. If I leave my laptop for a short time, both these apps have closed. No error messages, crash dialog etc.

Everything else on the PC stays open as I’d expect. Is this some battery saving setting or something? Reinstalling the apps hasn’t helped :thinking:

Event Viewer System, would be where I would start.

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I’ve known Windows to shutdown apps to reboot for an update, but never otherwise. Searching online doesn’t find a lot of help… beyond the usual “must be system corruption, try these steps.”

The steps are:

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Thanks, both, Nothing obvious in Event Viewer related to the two apps. Once I’ve had a few weeks working out what apps I want, I’d planned to wipe and do a clean install anyway. Maybe that will get rid of a few gremlins.

I’ve experienced this behavior, specifically with the Mail app. I assumed the app was crashing even though there was no error message to indicate so. Microsoft’s app strategy is still very under development.

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This behaviour hasn’t improved for me. Checked for corruption, clean install of the OS now.

Been using the Mail app this morning, if I Alt-Tab to Edge to check on something, by the time I try and return to Mail, it’s closed itself!

Is there still a safe mode in Win11? i.e. can I start it up and not load all the non-MS software and start looking for a conflict?

This made me realize I haven’t booted into safe mode on a Windows system since Windows 7!

Here’s a blog post detailing your options for safe mode in W11 -

FWIW I also occasionally still experience mysterious crashes in some modern apps. The store and Xbox apps come to mind, but those are also the ones I use probably most frequently. In my case the crashes are noted in my system log in the Applications section with event ID 1002.