iCloud Storage Question

Hi everyone, I have an issue that might not be that big of a deal but I would like your insights or help.

I have an iPhone, iPad, and oldish MacBook Pro. I primarily use my iPhone and iPad. I take a lot of photos and videos and purchased the 200gb iCloud storage option a couple years ago. I decided, since I use my iPad and iPhone all the time, that I would migrate all my files up to iCloud. I now use the Files App as though it’s my finder window! Last week, I hit 200gb (primarily photos and videos). I decided to get the next tier, 2TB (I share this with my spouse- he uses about 75gb and doesn’t take many photos or videos). I feel locked in now, more so than before, with $10 per month to Apple.

Am I a fool? Should I just offload my old photos onto a a couple duplicate thumb drives?

The files are easy enough to move. I use OneDrive that comes with my Office365 subscription (1TB), but have a small 50GB sub with iCloud for my iPhone photos, even though I back up to Google Photos and OneDrive too. $10 for 2TB isn’t bad.

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This may sound absurd, but I would burn them to DVDs, or transfer to external drives you then e.g. Backblaze (remote/off-site back-up) through your Mac. iCloud you could use only for those photos to which you want to maintain ready access (presuming that’s a fraction of your full archive). I agree with @Pommster that it’s honestly not much to fuss over given the value for the amount of storage.

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Multiple media, multiple locations is always the best advice. It would take a lot of DVD’s (unless I have my math wrong) but a couple of external USB drives are pretty cheap.

I always have backups in the drawer, and another set a coupe of weeks old off site (at work) and swap them around every couple of weeks.

I always worry about the day when I lose access to my Gmail or iCloud account because of a hack or claim of violating terms of service,etc…

Getting back in can be difficult or impossible.

If you have local storage such as a NAS, that is a perfect backup medium.

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Thank you, everyone! I appreciate the comments. :slight_smile:

Perhaps too little too late, but do you get $10 of value out of the service? My inkling would be “yes.” I have the 200GB plan myself (for 2 of us). Although I think Apple’s cloud storage costs more than it should, it does provide a level of value and convenience…

Incidentally, I noticed that Files now supports Sync.com, a relatively secure cloud provider (according to Steve Gibson). Their monthly plans are $5/1TB, $8/4TB $15/10TB “per user”. May be tough to find plans that let you share space between users in the way Apple does.


Hey, thank you for this! Those prices are nice. I’ll check them out.