Windows 10 Daylight Saving time change (Australia)

Did anyone find that their Windows 10 did not automatically change the time after daylight saving started in Australia this weekend? I had to force a re-poll of the time server to get it to change. I have Windows 10 set to automatically adjust for daylight saving, but that didn’t happen. Am on Windows 10 1903.

Did you check your time zone?

Yes, timezone is fine - Adelaide, which is UTC + 9.5 hours and the check box to automatically adjust for daylight saving is checked. Worked in the past, but didn’t this year for some reason. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue.

Live in Wodonga area. Just turned on my Win10 1903 system running on MacBook Air Bootcamp, which I haven’t booted up for a week or so, and it came up on Daylight Saving time.

Thanks, must have just been a weird glitch.