Solution(?) To Steve Martin's Calendar Issue

Have to think someone else has addressed this already, but here goes. Will be testing it out realtime when I fly to LA in December.

On iOS Apple Calendar, add a new event by tapping on +
Fill in Title
Fill in Location (doesn’t affect time zone)
In the Starts field, select date
Then, tap on the time displayed.
You get the spinning wheels to set the time.
Scroll down below spinning wheels to Time Zone setting
That’s where you select the time zone of where you want alarm to sound.
Notice that once you enter a new Time Zone, you get an indication of the GMT time for the alarm.

Now you would think a clever developer would link the Location field at top of entry to the Time Zone, but that might make this app interface “intuitively obvious”.

Tested this while I’m in Australia:

Entered event to occur on today, 25 Nov at 15:00 New York time zone
Shows up on calendar set for Melbourne time as an alarm that will go off at 07:00 on 26 November if I stay in Melbourne
If I reset my iPhone Date and Time to New York time zone, alarm now shows up as 15:00 on 25 November.

Display when on Melbourne Time Zone

Display when on New York Time Zone

(Had to remember to go back and set iPhone back to Automatic Time Zone)

To be honest, I’ve had no problems with just setting the time zone of the event if it’s in a different timezone. Calendar will show in your local timezone. I let my iPhone set the timezone automatically so when I travel to the event timezone the calendar will show your event at the correct local time.

This is the problem - he doesn’t want to use Time Zones. He knows he can do that. He just wants to enter the time of an event - he knows where he’ll be.

AFAIK there’s no solution to this. We’ve been looking for more than 10 years.

I missed the most important requirement.
I have found one iOS app that results in an alarm at the time requested irrespective of time zone where entered or occurs, but not sure it is acceptable. Called Galarm.

Example. IPhone in New York time zone, 04:00, set alarm for 21:00 same day. Changed to Melbourne Au time zone. Alarm triggered at 21:00.

  1. Biggest problem is Galarm has to be running in the background on iPhone to get alarm.
  2. Requires iPhone being online all the time.
  3. Some useful features require paid subscription. $10.49/year
  4. Depends on company continuity.

You would think you could have code that simply reads the date and time displayed on the phone. Appears that is not possible.

There must be some techie reason why this is hard to do. You’d think a simple ‘ignore time zone’ flag when setting up an alarm or appointment would be simple. Maybe it’s a limitation of iCal.

My wife faces this all the time when travelling. She uses alarms to remind her to take meds several times a day. When we travel she has to adjust every alarm, and then put it all back how it was when we come home.

Yeah Steve found one program that works for him: Calendar Wizard.

I’m a bit surprised about your wife’s need to adjust alarms. Playing with iPhone alarm clock, time of alarms don’t change when I change time zones.

Unfortunately, not a solution for setting a future event alarm. You can’t add a date to alarm settings on iPhone.

Reference to iCal helps me understand why this is hard to find a solution. If an alarm clock app can work around time zones, it is possible, but requires a fresh (or old) approach. Something for a clever developer/programmer/Macgyver.

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