Why is there no link to twit.community on the twit.tv site?

I couldn’t remember the twit.community URL, so I went to twit.tv to look for it but didn’t see it anywhere. Ended up doing a google search and found it, but it seems like an odd thing to be missing.

Is it there and I just can’t find it?

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Probably need to add a link to the Mastodon server as well while they are updating it.


Yes annoying isn’t it, especially for a nerd-based site, made by IT nerds for IT nerds.
It has been pointed out that the site needs a tweak to add the new stuff and HTTPS for the WebIRC, but the site will be getting an update soon apparently.

Not really sure what is more important than stopping the registered WebIRC users sending plaintext login details, but for now we wait.
(Imagine me sat clutching a pint of Guinness while looking apprehensively at the sea).

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Thanks for your comment! I added a link to TWiT.community on TWiT.tv/about and TWiT.tv/connect. Hope that helps.


Whoa…Karsten listens… I’m impressed!

@karsten TWiT.tv/about doesn’t seem to be able to be gotten to without typing that directly into the address bar so I don’t think that would help someone looking through the site for that information and the TWiT.TV/connect goes to a 404 error page.

May I suggest the Apps page where it has a Web sites header with the different websites including TWiT.tv listed there.


So it needs debugged. I’m sure Karsten will be on top of it.

I don’t doubt that, my comment was only intended to be constructive and to inform.


Dang, you are right. I meant https://twit.tv/about/contact


@karsten, that is certainly helpful. Thanks for being so responsive!

Also, I was thinking that the twit.community link would rise to the level of being in the footer, header, or menu. So that it is sure to be on every page.
And, it would be nice to have the link below each archived video, that would link to the corresponding twit.community discussion page. For instance, a button below the video for Twit 754 (https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech/episodes/754?autostart=false), would open up a new tab to the corresponding community discussion group on twit.community (TWIT 754: I Dream of Wiki)
That way those that are coming to the website to watch archived videos, have an easy way to participate in the discussion for each episode like they do when watching the live stream with the link to the chat room.

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Not related but for a couple of days I tried to go to twit.community and nothing happened, I ignored that, thought maybe it was a connectivity issue, then I discovered that I have to type the www (at least in Chrome, which sucks because Chrome hides www automatically, grrrr…)

So what’s the deal, do you guys can go to twit.community? or do you need to add www in front? confused

as I am here regularly and keep 30 days of history, all I do is start typing “community” in my address bar and click on the one I want.

I had “twit.community” saved in bookmarks, so obviously that was working before. I just want somebody to confirm that is not working anymore that only “www.twit.community” works, or maybe it’s something on my end.

@Furyo I agree. I’ll bring it up in our next staff meeting and see what we can do to make it easier to get to twit.community and the Mastodon server.


Back when I joined, I heard Leo mention it on the Tech Guy. After the show, I went to the Twit site and looked for a link. No where. I finally googled it and found it that way too. But yes - it should be easy to find if this place is to grow


If you do a DNS check of www.twit.community and twit.community you will see the domain without Ws is not mapped to all the same IPs and some are not mapped to anything.

This is why Google should not be doing what they are doing, and several vendors using chromium are switching it back on.

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