Why Does Nobody Talk About Apple Ads?

Just over a year ago a contact at Twitter left to go work at Apple Search Ads, we’ve all probably seen ads appear on the App Store. I’m not a developer but the ones I know do know about that service in the app store.

I don’t pay for AppleNews+ so I use the free service and over the holidays I noticed ads appearing on it so there’s at lease 2 O&O Apple apps with native apps now.

I know that Apple dipped its toes in advertising many years ago and it didn’t go well. It seems like they didn’t give up and are very slowly inserting advertising products into their core apps where it makes sense.

For almost two years I’ve been waiting to hear about any news regarding this but nobody’s really talking about it. I think it would be an interesting subject to discuss, how Apple is doing it, will it grow?

I predict that Apple will continue to expand its ad services and I highly expect Apple Podcasts will have Apple Ads soon, something like Overcast. Who knows… maybe even an ad-supported Apple Music service. Will we see a day where Apple buys a search engine like DuckDuckGo?

I’m interested in this because of my advertising background as well as the implications of what this means. I know that Apple is staunchly against tracking, the ad industry is facing a lot of backlash against its tracking so Apple must be approaching targeting sorely on contextual and search behavior.

What is that?
Interesting topic I know nothing about.

I meant Owned and Operated apps. Apple’s own apps.

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That clarifies it, thanks. Because I already know O&O as a German software company specialising in data backup & recovery. :wink:

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