Who do you think will win Game 6 at the World Series?

Who do you think will win the big game tonight? Game 6 of the Word Series?

  • Astros
  • Nationals

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God I hope the Nationals win. I routed for the Astros because F the Yankees for the AL side but after their total and complete embarrassment over the sexist and awful comments from their GM I just really hope they lose.

Baseball is my favorite sport and I think the integrity of the sport is important and the Astros front office took a big ol poop on it.

Plus the Nats are the underdogs. Go nats!


At the risk of co-opting this thread… but since it’s technology related: There was a segment the other night on the CBC news about “replacing” the umpire with a computer in the future. (More specifically the computer will advise the umpire and s/he is instructed to go with its advice unless it’s obviously wrong, such as when a ball hits the ground before crossing the plate, or something like that.) How does this make you feel as a fan?

I’m 100% onboard. If you look at the stats the umpires are still like 98% correct, even the worst ones however sometimes it really really matters.

3 Umps in the field with a robot behind the plate. I’m good with that.

and WOW what a game today.

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