Ant Pruitt, you're a great guy but

For the next few days we will have to agree to disagree. You see, I’m a Buckeye and a Buckeye fan. This may be the year that Ohio State gets revenge for the beat down that Clemson gave them last time. Keep up the good work with the Photography shows. I enjoy watching them. Best to you in 2020.


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:I’m looking forward to seeing a competitive game Saturday. OSU is definitely a good squad, BUT I hope my Clemson Tigers destroys them again. Much respect to you. :fist_right:t4:


HAHAHA Ant I am so glad you are a Clemson fan and not a Gamecocks fan. I really dislike the Gamecocks.


You and me both, bro :fist_right:t5:

I’m from Badgerland. I hope you crush ‘em.

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Of the B1G, I enjoy watching Iowa or Wisconsin play. Love the energy of those squads. Most of the time I don’t like watching B1G because it seems slow. Those days are gone

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Congrats Ant. The Tigers played well. It was a great comeback. Buckeyes walked away too many times with field goals instead of touchdowns in the first half. Good luck against LSU. They were dominating against the Sooners.

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VERY entertaining game. And yes, LSU is a tough squad. This will be one for the ages

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