What kinds of Workout/athletic/health Tech do y'all use every day or week?

I am really curious what TECH everyone uses regularly to track workouts and stay healthy.

I am a runner and coach that dabbles in other activities like swimming, biking, and strength training. I use a Garmin GPS watch called the Forerunner 235 with heart wrist based heart rate and activity tracking. I also use apps like Strava and Garmin Connect. when I’m feeling super brave I use the MyFitnessPal app to help me cut back on sugar and get a better understanding of what I’m eating and where I can improve. The MyFitnessPal app actually syncs with Garmin connect to use my activity tracking and food intake to give me a more accurate representation of how many calories I need to consume or stop consuming.

I use a MyZone heart rate monitor during workouts and the Chronometer app to track macros.

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I just use Google Fit on my phone to track my walking.

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Is MyZone wrist, arm, or chest based hear rate monitor? I find my wrist one is great for steady paced runs but when i use it in workouts it tends to not provide me with any usable data.

I have never heard of Google Fit im assuming its an Android Stock app or something? I am an iPhone user but still interested in what other stuff is out there.

I have back issues. I walk 3x a day. Usually 4-6 miles a day, total. I use the Samsung Health app to track my progress. It came already installed on my Samsung S8. It tells me how far I walked everyday, and tracks it with the GPS.

You can compete against others, and try to walk enough to finish a map every month too.

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As my friends at Videofitness.com would say, I’m a bit of a Vidiot. My Mac Mini has 20 years worth of converted workout tapes and dvd’s, and increasingly downloaded videos. That’s its only job.

Also, a Polar HR chest strap. I use an app called Zone Alarm with it.


Apple Watch. Only fit tech I seem to need.


I have a fossil sport and I track using Google fit. It’s a pretty good watch, I like it and have had very little issues with it.

It’s not the most thorough regarding tracking, Google fit could stand to be more robust and I’m sure there are better applications I could be using. However for me it’s not so much about super accurately tracking my workouts more as it’s a constant reminder to be active.

I try everyday to hit my goals and regularly increase them. So less about having accurate stats and more about being active and pushing myself.

I am in pretty good shape to begin with though for context, this isn’t about losing weight or getting back on track. That might have something to do with my mom chalant attitude towards tracking.

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@catdailey I am about to hop on board the Apple Watch Train…just for the fitness aspect of it! Any suggestions on bands to purchase with it? :slight_smile:

Very old fashioned, goes with the age. More interested in enjoying the run (walk now), and the scenery. Always found knowing distance keeps me happy. iPhone health app, and MapMyWalk app fulfill my needs.
Used Polar chest strap and watch, and Garmin GPS, almost 20 years ago, but restrictions on any wireless devices at work resulted in just leaving them behind.


I used a FitBit for several years, mainly to track steps for the day, and for the first year or so, to track sleep. I’ve since just been using Google Fit for step tracking (one less thing to carry). It’s probably accurate enough when I have my phone on me. As long as I get reasonably close to 10K steps per day, that’s good enough to validate that I didn’t forget to get up from my desk every once in a while.

I use the following apps daily:
Zero - Fasting Tracker to time and track my intermittent fasts (I do a daily 17/7).

Rep Counter (GTG) which is a very simple rep counter that I use to keep track of my kettlebell workout.

Goal Tracker another very simple app that let’s you simply check off a day where you’ve completed a goal. I do this to track days that I complete a workout. The app is inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity tip:

”Get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step is to get a big magic marker.
For each day that you do your task, put a big mark over that day. After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain.
Don’t break the chain.”

The app can be used for most anything, and it works pretty well in keeping you focused on creating a habit (hopefully a good one).

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@sarahs, I’m partial to nylon loops for working out. I buy the from AliExpress and only pay about $1.50 per band. They take a while to arrive, but I don’t care. I have leather loops, Milanese loops, silicone sports bands, ceramic… :grin:

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Huawei Watch GT, to measure heart and activity. It also does messaging. With messaging the battery is the let-down, I have to recharge it every 10 days or so. If I turn the messaging off (Signal, Telegra, Email etc.) the battery will last a month.

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The MyZone is a chest monitor

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I use MyZone M3 which is synced to my Apple Watch. Having the strap around my chest gives the most accurate measurement of effort, calories etc.


I’ve been using Whoop for about a month now and really enjoying it. I chose Whoop because there appears to be a considerable amount of research behind their algorithms for measuring sleep cycles and the amount of strain on the body during a workout. Their web interface is well designed and the teams feature is a great motivator.

There’s a monthly cost associated with it but I think that’s worth it. I feel a bit more comfortable knowing upfront what their revenue stream is too.