IOS 610: iPhone and iPad Tools for Your Hobbies

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Hi Mikah, Rosemery,
I have a Question about workouts on the apple watch. During Amazon Prime Day I got my Sister the Apple watch Series 7 45mm. I already got her a few 3rd party nice Apple Watch bands that she is using on the Apple watch Series 0 watch that I gave her. Regarding Workouts. I can ask Siri to start a Tennis workout on my Apple Watch Series 6. My sister wants to record an Equestrian workout Which I can do. In both of these workouts what data does Apple collect ie: Hart Rate, etc. Or is it just the same as a Walk or Run workout. Because My Sister found an Equestrian specific app. That records how much time she spend trotting vs cantering vs walking on her horse. I wonder if it is better for her to use the build in workout or the apple specific app?

Thank You.
PS: maybe others would like to know this info, also. If you want to share it on the show.