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Health Sync is the app I use to sync data between Fitbit, Google Fit, Samsung and Garmin. Bidirectional too. Health Connect will replace this I guess.

That Pixel Watch is a no from me, sorry. Quite a few pics already appearing of smashed watches just from being dropped. Guess I’m in the activity/fitness watch camp. My watches hit trees, rocks, get dropped. Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung has survived all that so far.

Not sure what the team were getting at saying fitness watches don’t have connected services. They do. Many have LTE. Even ones without LTE like mine have incident detection and notify emergency contacts via your phone.

So for me, the fitness/activity watch differentiator is how rugged they are, which means they are usually bigger and heavier.

What NOT to Do With Your Pixel Watch (

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I like the Pixel Watch but I’m going to have to go back to my Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. I do like how the Pixel Watch handles notifications…so much faster and easier than in One UI. But I agree, the screen is a lot more fragile…and I was spoiled by the 2 solid days of battery on GW5 Pro.

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