TV user interface comparison & introduction

Hi everyone
In this topic I wanna gather info / experience from different TV brands / Models OS, OSD, Remote user experience making it easy for some people to consider when buying new TVs
It’s been a while I’m trying to to figure this out and I never could find this info on the web

-I understand many people don’t care or don’t use the TV smart features and stick to streaming devices and consider panel quality and the only variable to choose and that is another big beast I may bring up in a new topic or briefly here as well
But some people may still use TV’s OS
Myself use both.for instance I like TV OSD for some uses and a fire tv stick for some other uses

So let’s talk about different categories:
A- Brand
Each brand has its own OS with UI and remote control
B- Model
Each brand (may) have different models (high end and low end) with different OSDs

1- speed
How fast is the tv to boot up, wake from stand by, load application, reload keep in memory
2- updates
How long does manufacturer keep OS with new updates
3- App install and updates
How good / wide does that support apps, updates them, how easy is to install -uninstall, force close or refresh apps
4- Internet browser app
How easy it is to navigate to different web pages and how does the app support web loading ( support photos/ videos streams in a web interface
4- Remote control
How easy to use
Quality and feel in touch
Options included
5- support streaming / screen mirroring
Support Air play
Support IOS / Android screen mirroring
Support streaming
6- support smart devices
Support calling Gle / Alx / etc and voice command
7- support TV commands
Change channel
Change input
Change volume etc
8- any other features

My personal experience as im looking for buying a new TV
I mostly had LG TVs and worked with a lot of Samsungs as well and every time it was hard for me to choose
I use TV smart features for
Web browsing for sites with video streaming
Internal apps like youtb NF HB etc
I also have fire tv sticks for a different account for youtb
I found it easier to separayme and my wifes search history and channels ( it’s easier this way than reminding everyone to switch accounts every time they turn on the tv :laughing:

LG (as I’m aware now) has 2 different OS versions
Low end regular and high end magic

  Both web browsers are the best
  Both keep updating 
  Both are fast

  Both home screens are a little too cluttered
       with so many stuff on  screen 
       ( specially regular models that tend 
       To bring the screen when press home)
  Magic remote (I love it)
          It brings up a mouse feeling feature 
          that makes it super easy to type when 
          searching , it’s like using smart phone vs 
          flip phones (dumb phones)when typing
           a text lol
           There is scroll wheel that makes it
            super easy to see all pages
           Volume keys are different shape and that is 
           good for using in dark
           Battery cover comparing yo the remote 
            has a different and cheap feeling and it   
            squeeze noice when pressing OK/scroll 
            buttons and it’s annoying 
            Too many buttons with similar shapes 
             makes it hard to find correct keys in dark 
            No backlight just the power button light up 
            when pressing keys
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Thể experience i had with Samsung TVs
Almost all of them have the same remote
Minimalistic remote with easy to find volume I like it a lot
OS was always finicky
App updates, install is not as i like it to be
Mouse pointer exists but you have to use arrow keys to move it

I think it depends on the use of the TV. For the family room, main viewing, I want a good display. I don’t care about the smarts since I will be using a Roku or something along with a receiver and 5.1 sound.
For my office, I’m happy with my TCL Roku TV.

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I’m sure no one has to explain to you that “smart features” are only included in TVs as a way to monetize the TV (make it cheaper to sell to you while still making a profit from it.) Accordingly, every time you use those features, assume everything you do is being sent home to the manufacturer.

Personally, I want the dumbest TV possible–the smart features are full of security holes when they ship, and they rarely get more than one or two updates before they’re EOL and the manufacture runs off to the next year’s model. I’ll use a device like a Nvidia Shield, which is STILL getting updates after 5 years+, or on the lower end, a Google Chromecast with Google TV to handle all the smartness. Both of those two devices come with reasonably competent remotes. The Google one is probably still attempting to monetize you, but you can probably reduce that by creating a specific account just for the device.

If you want a really nice setup for a dumber TV, you should consider Plex if you’re willing to pay, or Jellyfin if you’re not. jellyfin | Jeff Geerling I am a Plex user, I bought the lifetime membership, and the Plex apps run on everything, from PS3 to PS5, from TV smart apps, to phones and tablets and of course on the web and even with casting to a Chromecast.

Because I eschew smart TVs, and because my wore out old Samsung is 10+ years old at this point, I won’t really have anything to offer in regards to your original post/questions.

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Thank you for the details
I strongly agree with security holes and lack of updates on TVs and wish there were still dumb TVs
And im sure streaming devices are getting much better than before , that’s why u usually wont go for 2nd tear brands and Ruku tvs
( like volume and power compatibility with HDMI)
And this way ( although it’s cheaper) i have to go buy more streaming devices (and trust their security and business model)
So Google is definitely out as option for security and possible end of life
Have to think more about RUKU as the interface I would say i like fire tv more
So my best option would br spending more on apple tv then
And I assume no one offers mouse like features though

The Nvidia Shield, while more expensive, is a full on Android PC with a remote friendly UI. You can pair a bluetooth keyboard or mouse if you wanted to. You could attach a USB HDD to it too, if you needed lots of storage.

The Chromecast sells for as little as $20 on sale, so who cares if it eventually goes out of support, replace it when it does?

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