What Do You Think About The New Intel Ads?

So Justin Long Justin Long is back doing ads for tech but not Apple this time but Intel. Here’s a link to a playlist with the ads: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk2sjg_-F-MfQL0aUbKyDX909ZfKCUq1c

I think they are funny but will be ineffective for most people because they’re pointing out things that no one cares about as if they’re important deciding factors. I don’t want a touch screen, I don’t understand the point of a tab-top (aka convertible) and I don’t care if there are dozens of crappy designs (I just want one good one that isn’t outlandish and is capable at a good price.) And they still contain backdoored (Intel ME) leaky buggy Intel CPUs and who actually wants an Intel CPU if given a choice?

Qudos to Intel for getting Justin in, especially the opening couple of seconds. Very cleverly done.

But the ads themselves are just as cringeworthy as the original Apple ads.

But I think it is a European thing, I find most US ads cringeworthy and also, it is illegal to denigrate other products by name. You can compare your product to “a leading competitor”, but they can’t be named and, if it is a bottle of detergent, for example, no labels etc. just a plain white container. In general you have to sell your product, not put down the competition. “my product is good, while…” is allowed “Intel is better than Apple because…” is not.

You can say, “8 out of 10 cat owners said their cats preferred Whiskas,” to take an old advert from my childhood, but you can’t say, “use Whiskas, because your cat will throw up if it eats xyz.”


I love them, full of crap as they are, but I mostly look forward to Apple’s response ads!! LOL